Sunday, 11 November 2012

My World

On my previous blog, I explained a bit about who I am, what I've done so far and a bit about Pikangikum. Now I want to explain the problems that are happening around me every day.  Next time I will talk about the campaign I am starting and what we plan to do.

Over the past week I have been working on a poem regarding the troubles kids go through, kids from my middle school, here it is.

The Children We Were

I look at my classroom
to see what I can see
My classmates beside me,
working quietly
All grown up now,
making decisions on their own
Good or bad,
they do it alone
But what else can I see?
I see children
young, not yet old.
Laughing and playing,
doing what they were told.
But where did they go?
Innocence long gone,
no longer saying harmless things,
forgetting their childhood songs.

Boy on my bus,
talks about weed.
People turn their backs,
call him a druggie
But where is the child?
From years long ago?
Only 4 years old,
and not yet grown
But what did he lose,
all along the way?
Were his parents there,
saying kind things?
Or is he beginning,
the path that they're on?
Not really caring,
about what he has done?
Will no one ever break,
this cycle that goes ever on?

Girl from my school,
breaks all the rules.
Very confused,
wrote 4 20 on her shoes
Mother and father,
no longer care
about her struggle and deep despair.
Says things that
she doesn't really mean.
Can't find a way
out of this dream
that won't treat her kindly.
Problems with drugs,
one of the fallen.
Bringing others down with her,
that never had a problem.

But who will be the one,
to reach out their hand?
To bring them to,
the true promised land?
There are children,
in those around me
Still alive,
but slowly dying 
Never doubting,
always smiling.   

At my school there is more than one kid with problems with drugs. I find it very sad that kids are giving their whole life away for a short period of time of artificial happiness. Kids need their parents to help them get through these years. There are kids I know who have decided to turn to drugs. It's just terrible what is happening to otherwise perfectly happy children. Kids are only going to be doing this kind of stuff because they have a problem in their life. It's crazy to me to think that I go to a catholic school and we're having problems like this. It would be great if the school board could bring someone into the school to minister to these kids or show them a video and go through a bible study, just like what is happening for the youth of my church . At my youth group we will do these things, watch videos that show troubles that kids our age have gone through, looking into their life and learning from it. I think it would be awesome if these videos were shown in the schools. It's great to have a prayer service and similar school activities but these kids will need more than that. They need guidance. Kids need to stop ostracizing their peers and start treating them like decent human beings. If you don't have anyone who excepts you, then no wonder you start to smoke marijuana. People have to start acknowledging these kinds of problems and helping each other.  We, as the youth of this generation need to stand up and stop turning our backs on one another.


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